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19 Jan 2020 

New Membership Category

We have introduced a new membership category. The “Under 30s” membership category is available for any members aged 23-29 years of age. If any current members qualify for this, please get in touch to amend your membership category.

Trial Class – Feldenkrais

For 6 weeks, starting from 19th February we will be trialling a new class “Feldenkrais”. This will be on a Wednesday morning from 10.30-11.30.  The class offers an experience of Awareness Through Movement, mindfulness in movement, exploring the elements of moving, thinking, sensing, imagining in the process of discovering easier movement, the possibility to heal from chronic pain, discomforts and injuries, and preventing them. For more information on the class please follow the link below.

Feldenkrais Information

31 Dec 2019 


9 Dec 2019 

Members Notice – Deep end Pool Handrail 

The Club has been having safety issues with the pool handrail for a long period of time, we currently have the deep end handrail coming off. The Club would like to ask all members to be cautious and not use the pool handrail to climb out of the pool.

Thank you for your co-operation.

16 Oct 2019 

Reducing waste

As a result of removing single use disposable cups from the water machines around the Club and reducing members’ usage to 1 cup per person per visit, we are delighted to announce some encouraging results.

In March and April this year, the Club used 6000 cups. However in the five month period from June to October, following implementation of our waste reducing measures, less than 1000 cups have been used.

The Club is still using the existing stock of Vegeware cups, so in addition to the positive environmental impact, money is being saved. We would encourage members to bring water bottles to be used in the Club and thank members for their continued support.

3 Jun 2019

Single use Disposable Cups

With many companies across the country trying to reduce the use of single use disposables and a noticeable increase in our usage over the past few months we have decided to remove all cups from our water coolers in the Club. Cups will still be available from a member of staff on poolside, each member will be limited to 1 cup per visit. We urge members to help reduce single cup use and bring with them their own water bottle.

We will now be recycling all used plastic bottles (shampoo, conditioner, bodywash etc.) so please add these to our poolside recycling bins!

BBC – Plastics Watch

5th Feb 2019

Vegware 🌿🌱🍃

Vegeware, it’s made from plants not plastic

As part of our drive to reduce waste going to landfill and improve our contribution to sustainable waste management the Club has replaced single-use plastic food and drink packaging with cups plates and cutlery made by Vegware for use by members.

Vegware supplies catering disposables made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials which can all be commercially composted.

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